Make your mistakes on “microfilms” not your masterpiece

love finding little gems on the internet that help change my perspective on something.

Which is why I have really come to enjoy the filmmaking tutorials by Darious Britt on his YouTube Channel D4Darious.

They’re refreshingly simple and straight to the point. They feel real and achievable. They feel less from an instructor and more from an upperclassman friend from college.

In a recent episode, he talks breaks down how you can write and shoot a film in just two hours. My thoughts after the break.


How to Get Started in 360 Video

Welcome to this comprehensive guide to getting started in 360 storytelling.

What to expect

360 content is the fastest growing content medium in the market. Big publications are using it to bring an immersive and interactive form of storytelling.
You’ll find the New York Times, The AP, Local TV Stations, YouTubers, Brands and more trying to get in on the action that is 360.
What’s even better is that you don’t need to work at some fancy multi-million budget production house to get started. It isn’t cheap, but it is something that if you invest in could help you land a career at your dream job. (more…)