It’s update day! Apple releases version 10.4 of Final Cut Pro X and users are excited.

As a Final Cut user myself there have been some features that I’ve waited anxiously to use since they announced it a few months ago.  Mostly the 360 editing features, but the new color board tools was also an enticing feature that I look forward to using.

Let’s take a look at what users can expect.

New features




Professional Color Grading tools

If you’re a die hard FCPx fan you’ve probably listened to FCPx Grill with Chris Fenwick, and if you stuck around for the first 200 episodes Fenwick always asked his guests what is the one thing they would want Apple to change in the next update to FCPx.

A large amount of people actually suggested two things a better color correcting experience and round tripping to Motion.

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I think that 10.4 is a great example that Apple has

  • cares about its users
  • and takes their time to make sure features we find will be implemented effectively.

According to the news release, the color wheels “feature built-in controls to adjust hue, saturation and brightness.”

Color Curves

The color curvesallow for ultra-fine color adjustments with multiple control points to target specific color ranges, and eye droppers let users sample specific colors and apply manual white balance.”

The fact that you can now go in and use an eye-dropper to adjust that one clip that your was off because you were running and gunning to get footage to meet your slot is just exciting.

You now have the options to install custom LUTS ( lookup tables) from your Resolve or other third-party locations. Things you use to have


Native 350 editing

Apple jumps into the 360 filmmaking with full force.

We all knew this was coming after they had acquired Dashwood3d early this year— and they delivered, for the most part.


  • Native importing of 360 footage that pulls in proper metadata.
  • A new side by side viewing of 360 video and raw equirectangular video.
    • you can also connect a supported VR headset to edit/view your footage.
  • You have a slew of new titles, transitions, and effects optimized for 360.

I’ve tested all of them out and they have all worked right out of the box. If you want an idea of what some of those are Ripple Training has a good overview video.


My biggest issue with the update has been that with the 360 video projects on a MacBook have felt sluggish.

In order to edit I’ve had to make proxies and then my machine runs fine. If I don’t  I will get hung up with just skimming the clips. It gets worse. 

I searched and even asked my fellow Final Cut users and Pollen Studio gave me the best insight.

Apparently Apple recommends a external GPU to do 360 editing. Now this was in a demo and there might be some other resources out there that I haven’t found but it makes sense.

360 video demands a lot, but to really slow down a 2017 MacBook model? I don’t know. For now I’ll stick to proxies.

What are your thoughts of 10.4? 

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