Five of the best podcasts to start with for newcomers

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It seems that once a week a friend is posting on Facebook that they would like to get into podcasts. Often seeking recommendations. As a huge podcast junkie, I find myself leaving massive lists of ones I listen to.

So, if you’ve found this post because I’ve shared it on a friend’s post. Welcome. For my friends, I’m excited for to get to know a medium that is not only fantastic but very diverse.

Words of advice

Finding podcasts can be difficult. That’s totally understandable. Every day and week people are uploading new episodes. Creating new series, starting new seasons, etc.

If you’ve stumbled on one that feels like one you’d like but aren’t sure what’s really happening. Always go back into their archives and listen to few old ones. Maybe even check out their first one, that’ll give you an introduction to what the show is about, it’ll give you an idea what to expect.

Browsing is key! Learn the ins and outs of how to find new stuff. Go back to the podcast app of your choice regularly to see what’s new. To find out what’s on the top of the charts. Browse the categories. All ways you can find a new podcast that you love.

The starter pack

The first podcast I think everyone should listen to is  Reply All by Gimlet Media. This is a show about the internet that takes you into the real world.

Great Example.

Second, is for my science nerds! Radiolab by WNYC. Their about page says

Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.

Which is so true! It’s just a super great one to hear what good audio should be.

Third, for the music lovers, you should listen to Switched on Pop by Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding. They focus on breaking down pop songs. I’ve listened to some episodes that have made me change my whole perception of an artist because I finally understood the meaning behind the song.

Fourth, for the journalists, this one you can go a few routes. You’ve got the New York Times show—The Daily. A more traditional talk show podcast. You’ve got the investigative shows like Serial, Criminal, and Reveal. My choice for you to get your feet wet is Embedded by NPR.  Embedded is great because they have shorter seasons. Making it easy to check out and move on or find your next investigative podcast.

Fifth, for the crime junkie, this is one is a double jeopardy. You’ve got Crimetown by Gimlet Media which takes you through one cities crime “life”. They just finished their first season which was on Providence, Rhode Island. (Which fun fact was one of my areas I served in on my LDS mission. So I might be biased.)  The show is awesome! It also has a great website with supplemental content. The other one is My Favorite Murder by  Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark that not only cover interesting murders but will have you laughing hysterically.

Hope it helps

This will give you a place to start your podcast journey. All these will set the tone of what good podcasting can do. Be sure to check back for other podcast booster packs.

If you have a show you think that is worth people knowing about send me a message on one of my social media channels. I’d love to check them out and add them to the end of these packs as bonus shows.


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