500 word challenge

A thought recorded is a memory cherished. 


I stumbled upon this challenge about a week ago. While I was reading one of the article that popped up in my RSS feed and pocket suggestion.

Which has become a regular occurrence. Get to work, logged into everything and for the next two hours, before my first break, I read the articles when I have some free time. < !–more–>

I decided to take upon this challenge for a few reasons.

  1. I wanted to increase my writing ability
  2. I wanted to get back to writing either in a journal or to write my thoughts on this blog on more of consistent basis.
  3. Writing is therapeutic and has a lot of great benefits.
  4. Having the challenge to write 500 words a day will allow me to not fear it when in my career I’m asked to write something up.
  5. For fun.

So here I am. Typing away on my dimly lit computers screen. Hoping that every word that is added to the screen is another link to the chain of commitment in the writing journey I’m about to begin. Let’s hope I stay strong.