Top news podcasts to listen to

This is the news pack in my series of podcast recommendations.

Now more than ever people who normally are not even thinking about politics, government, or news are taking action.  Political leaders are caught up in Twitter feuds, marital scandals, and workplace struggles.  With all of that going on and more this is my attempt to help you stay informed. Here are my suggestions for top news podcasts you should be listening to.

Podcast recording

Five of the best podcasts to start with for newcomers

It seems that once a week a friend is posting on Facebook that they would like to get into podcasts. Often seeking recommendations. As a huge podcast junkie, I find myself leaving massive lists of ones I listen to.

So, if you’ve found this post because I’ve shared it on a friend’s post. Welcome. For my friends, I’m excited for to get to know a medium that is not only fantastic but very diverse.