In the nearly 5 years of this website being live, not a lot has changed. I have not had a consistent mission or goal for this site, but this year all of that is going to change.

Why I Started

In 2015 I was finishing up the last of my required classes at Weber State University. One of them was for my senior seminar, which had a requirement to create a portfolio. I had done website before and I felt like this would be a great time for me to create my own website and pass my assignment.

It then became the place I would post examples of the work I had been up to. Some really poor attempts at writing my blog posts. Some of them in connection to my YouTube Channel.

But despite all that. This site has actually been a super great place to send people so they know a little bit about me, and even hire me. But with a change in jobs and a more client projects finished I’ve realized that this site needs to change as much as I have changed.

Future Plans

This year I challenged myself to do more. The fist thing I did was launch a podcast.

The Digital Content Coach

The podcast will be focused on me sharing the things about digital content that I’ve learned over years I’ve been freelancing and working in News and as a content producer. It will be accompanied by a website by the same name. This will have written guides and a list of gear/tools I use on regularly. Courses are being produced, in fact two courses on WordPress will be released shortly after launching.

This has been on my mind for several years. The project will allow me to be focused and targeted with my content. Something I struggled to find here on this site.


This site has allows mostly been focused on showcasing my work and getting new clients. Which is why I’m hard at work at re-designing the website for the many creative services I offer clients already.

The posts I write here will be more business focused. Reviews on products that I use. Tips and strategies I’ve learned while working with clients or on The Digital Content Coach.

All For The Better

This site was the first site I devoted a lot of time into and made me realize I love WordPress. I hope to apply the lessons I’ve learned since launching it to make this a better place for my future clients and visitors.

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Daniel Rubio

I'm a digital content producer. I believe everyone has the capability to inspire someone. I'm a husband and a father, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and a lover of tacos and coke.

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