Examples of Instructional Videos

I was asked to create a list of example videos of things I’ve done and some I’d like to do.

Simple Additional Content

This video is a just one of a list of videos for the geol-1010 course.

This video is also part of series of videos the helped students get insight from previous students from the course. It was created for SLSS1100.

Similar video:

This audio podcast is also part of the SLSS1100 course I helped create content for. They had already done a basic version of this, but we decided to add an intro and outro with additional production.


This video was a tour of the UCCU Center. It’s designed to help courses that use to do tours of locations. Doing these sorts of videos is better in some ways because we can go places a group of students couldn’t go. In this case it was the cat walks. I do think these sorts of videos could even be amplified by doing a Day-in-the-life video. This video is a part of a series for HM3210.


This video was a lot of fun to create. It was for a NSS4210 course where they would watch clips of a movie discussing principles they’d discussed. After the professor discussed with legal, we were able to take the clip he was looking for and then add commentary by the professor discussing those topics.

Animation Video

This video was an intro animation video for and ENGL1005 course. This could be done with other things as well.

Lecture Series

This is just one of a series of videos that where designed as lecture series for a HLTH4300 hybrid course. The professor to these as episodes to help create connection to the course. These where designed for her to share with her students and have them watch it prior to class so they could discuss the principles.

This is a lecture from MGMT 491R. In this video I add some animation. It works but I think with some time I could create something like the photo animations.


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