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I don’t read physical books as often as I would like, which is why I started doing audio books about 2 years ago on a more regular basis. I started with Libby an app that connects to your library to check out audio books than when I had the means invested in Audible.

Towards the end of this year, I decided I’d start picking up some more business-focused and self-help-style books. I think it was after hearing Chris Do suggest that the fastest way to learn something is actually from books as they are synthesized life lessons from professionals.

The second book I got was The Practice by Seth Godin. I’ll share several thoughts over the next week from nuggets I’ve found in this book. Starting with:

“Do what you love” is for amateurs.
“Love what you do” is the mantra for professionals.

The Practice by Seth Godin

Change your perspective

You hear it all the time in all sorts of places. Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. The quote is from the chapter on finding your passion and when you are trying to find your passions people often ask, What do you love doing? Like Godin I never really liked that question or idea. You might be like me and love to many different things or you could be like my wife and not tried enough to know what you love.

If you’re lucky you might know precisely what you’d love to do every day, but then you do it and realize it’s hard. That’s life.

But if you love what you do no matter the challenges, repetitiveness, and annoyances of that job, you continue to do it and learn to be better at it.

You fall in love with the process rather than the outcome.

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