My 2020 Retrospection

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We all know that this year was a hot mess. I’m not talking spilled milk of a hot mess, I’m talk full episode of Black Mirror kind of a hot mess if that episode was written by people who were under the influence. But even with that my year wasn’t too bad and today I’d like to record how it went for my own sanity.

The Good

I’m an extremely optimistic person so I’m going to start with all the good stuff that has happened this year. To start things off I have an excellent job that although doesn’t pay me enough, but it is reliable, flexible and both challenging and chill. Prior to Covid our department had been discussing telecommuting, but I was in no way on that list. However, since last March I’ve been working from home and only go into the office to do filming on occasion.

This has allowed me to spend time with my wife and kids more than I ever have and it’s been a huge blessing. I’ve also been able to cook dinner 90% of the time which has been great because I love to cook and it’s allowed my wife to relax a bit or finish work.

I’ve had some great freelance opportunities. Despite a pair of months at the start of the pandemic. I’ve been able to help

  • 4 business move online
  • 8 businesses with video content for social, ads, and internal needs

Earlier last year I started a new YouTube channel and with a regular schedule of content a friend and I have been able to grow it shy of 230 subs. Faster than when I ever did with my personal channel.

Finally, the fact that although the pandemic has been bad it hasn’t destroyed society.

The Bad

Well… the pandemic. It was not bad it was ugly. Millions of people lost jobs, millions of people killed, and millions struggled to understand what facts look like.

The other thing that really caused a lot of stress was finances. With a lot of credit card debt that my wife and I have plus loosing freelance jobs early on set us back again and cause us to just give up on being diligent. Not the best but it’s the truth. Since then, we have a game plan, and we plan on being debt free in about 2 years.

Finally, my documentary project that I had planned and was hoping to be done with by down had to be postponed until COVID restriction are no longer in effect. This one was really hard because I was so excited to have my first documentary project that I felt was worth telling and a feature length level. I had potential funding avenues, and I had an amazing story.

I’d love to talk about this more but for now I’m going to leave it at that.

Looking Forward

I’ve always been on that’s appreciated the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. There is something therapeutic in not dwelling about the past, having hope for the future but present in the now.

I try to leave by themes. Last year was family, some of the aspects of that theme I did great in and others I slacked, but life is a never-ending journey. This year my theme is progress. Progress to eliminate debt, progress in my creative ventures with YouTube, progress in growing a small production business, progress spiritually to grow closer my Savior, and progress on my health.

Whatever comes I hope that I just grow and establish habits that build me for the years to come.

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