Automotive Research Showcase

Last April I had the awesome opportunity to do a project for my job. This project was a little out of the scope of my normal productions but it was to help showcase a great project and department. Matt Hasara, an assistant professor in the Department of Transportation Technologies had been working on a Tire and Break Research with some select students over the summer.

He wanted to showcase what they had done and tell the story about what students had been not only learning but doing over the summer. I was brought in and I was pumped to tell their story.

Doing More Than Just Learning

Story Enhances The Report

Going into this I knew I wanted show what these students were doing and have people get sense of what they were doing and experience throughout this research project. Hasara who was the faculty member overseeing this project had a ton of passion for the project and after visiting one of their evening race prep meetings I saw that the students had that same passion.

I shot this project in a total of two sessions one for interview and for prep-work b-roll and then the race day video.

I also took the chance to flex my photography muscles and ended up grabbing some photos in-between shooting.

Gear List

On race day I had help from Shawn Kemple, who is the photographer I collaborate the most with, came to be a second shooter just be able to get the most coverage out of the event.

We shot on:

  • Gh5 with a 14-140mm f3.5-5 Panasonic lens
  • Z6 with a Nikor 24-70 f2.4 lens.

End Product

The video I produced come together nicely and I was really pumped to have had the opportunity to tell their story. Hasara recently told me that the video was sent to the Federal Department of Education, which was just awesome. Not for me but for the university and the program.


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