Mingos Soda Shack

This weekend I had the opportunity to cover a grand opening for a client of mine. I not only did video but some photography as well. The goal was to capture the excitement of the Grand Opening of small business in a small town of Northern Utah.

Mingos Soda Shack is a small business located in Minden, Utah just outside of Logan. In the small town there is hardly any business for people to go get a quick fix. Mingos opened up and quickly become the go to place for a quick drink but even more importantly a place to hang out and chat with friends, family, and neighbors you don’t normally see.

Covering this event I was using a new camera—the Lumix GH5. I loved having the more advanced features the camera offers but because I was still adjusting to the new camera I didn’t get the best footage I could have for the event. Despite the learning curve the camera was great to work with and has me really excited for the next project. Here is the video I produced for their Facebook page.


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