Mingos Soda Shack

I had the opportunity to cover the grand opening for a client of mine. I not only did video but some photography as well. The goal was to capture the excitement of the Grand Opening of their small business in a small town of Northern Utah.

Mingos Soda Shack is a small business located in Mendon, Utah just outside of Logan. In the small town there is hardly any businesses for people to go get a quick fix. Mingos opened up and quickly become the go to place for a quick drink but even more importantly a place to hang out and chat with friends, family, and neighbors you don’t normally see.

The whole thing was run and gun and although I’ll be honest it wasn’t one of my best works it was more than they asked for. It allowed them show case their spot but also the culture they’ve created at their little soda shack. Here is the video I produced for their Facebook page.


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