Nerd Birds Podcast

If there it’s anything I’ve learned it’s that audio is super key when it comes great content. Because if audio is bad, it’s much less enjoyable. Which is why I’ve spent time learning how to clean up audio and in the process of doing so I feel in love with the medium and it’s uniqueness when it comes to creating narrative content.


In the Studio This fantastic form of content is something that has once again made its way into the mainstream once again. Even though it had a great heyday in 2005 podcasting has picked up traction due to the NPR style of audio storytelling like [Radiolab}(, Planet Money, and Freakanomics. Which has spurred the way for new shows like all the shows at Gimlet Media, Radiotopia and so much more?

Needless to say, I started a few podcasts. None of them have stuck mostly because the co-hosts moved away and it just became difficult to keep it up.

You mean working full-time, going to school full time, and starting a family makes it hard to do things you enjoy? Hmm, who would have thought?

In any case here is one series I did with a few friends where we got together to discuss comics.