Start Fresh Tomorrow

Life has been overwhelming recently. More so than usual. With the increase of stress and life struggles I’ve had a continual urge to want to channel more of my creative energy. This is hard for me.

I know what you might be thinking. “Danny, don’t you work as a creative professional?”

Yes. Yes, I do. You might not know this, but working in a field you love zaps you of any genuine desire to work on your own personal projects.

With that Being said. It’s essential to be kind on yourself. Austin Kleon’s book Keep Going, says we should end each day and let go of it.

Excerpt From
Keep Going
Austin Kleon
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I need to do this more. This post started off differently, but as I write this now, it’s my way of telling myself to just move on with my day.

If you’re reading this, do this activity with me. Answer this question in your mind, in a notebook, or on social.

What did you do today?

  • Figured out some website issues for work
  • Got more products loaded and listed on the new website
  • Played some video games with my daughter
  • I was home and watched my other daughter, who was sick, so my wife could go to the temple.
  • Made dinner
  • Wrote a blog post

It doesn’t feel like a crazy amount, but it’s pretty solid. 😁 I hope this helps you as it did me.

P.S. If you feel like you’re in a bit of a creative slump, I highly recommend picking up Kleon’s book.

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