I know that I live in Memphis an amazing city with lots of stories to tell, things to see and stuff to learn.

Se que soy un creador que habla espanol y deseo compartir mi conocimiento de video con mi gente.

For a long time I’ve struggled with consistency because I’ve felt that I didn’t have a good enough video strategy.

When in honesty, I’ve let the pressure of what could happen on YouTube dictate what I can do for my brand. You see I know that I am passionate about a lot of things. I often get overwhelmed not about what video to make but about having to restrain myself to try to be specific style because that is what the market says I should do.

That ends today.

This is the year I explore. The year I test ideas, the year I build stuff, teach stuff, learn new skills and share my journey. El año que hablo español en mis videos. The year that the only opinion that maters is mine.

I know that I can’t be consistent in when I post, but I can be consistent at trying to post once a week.

I know that’s stupid but there a lot of stuff that’s important to me and I’m just a regular human trying to figure out how to make everything work.

I hope you can understand. Until next time.

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Daniel Rubio

I'm a digital content producer. I believe everyone has the capability to inspire someone. I'm a husband and a father, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and a lover of tacos and coke.

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