Episode of 3 of season 3 of my vlog

In this episode, I talk about why I haven’t uploaded to my channel in some time. The biggest reason is due to depression. 

Recognize it and Defeat it

As much as I hate to vocalize it. It’s good for me to recognize so that I can begin to really address it. I’ve always had some struggle with depression throughout my life and I know that when come to realize it I often take the right steps to overcome it. 

If you feel like your depressed remember it is okay to get some help. If you feel alone you can tweet me but I’m not a licensed medical professional but I am your friend. For professional help you can always call or text the Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 or you can text Text CONNECT to 741741

The biggest thing for me is I get in my head and it begins to weigh me down. I then choose to not do and not care for the things I love. Which isn’t me. Luckily there are things I do to help. 

  • Drink more water. I promise you that drinking more water will never be a bad thing and you’ll be surprised by the benefits. 
  • Get outside. This means stop just being alone or inside get out and get in a place to where you have to interact with people ( it can be family, friends, strangers, etc).
  • Stop being passive. Do exercise or do the things that have always made you happy. That might be reading, writing, making a video, painting. Whatever it just actually get yourself to do it.  

Helping people

The other reason I haven’t uploaded is that I’ve been helping clients with their own content.  

Like helping Harry Babb a great guy and co-owner of Kayak Memphis with his website. I hope to share more about the awesome people I work with in other episodes. 

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Helping you become a better Content Producer

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I'm a digital content producer. I believe everyone has the capability to inspire someone. I'm a husband and a father, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and a lover of tacos and coke.

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